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Enjoy Palms

Palms - Coconut Milk

Palms - Coconut Milk

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Introducing ENJOY PALMS, premium barista coconut milk. 

For your enjoyment!

We created PALMS purely for the coconut flavour lovers. We believe coconut has the power to transport us with a taste. To sunnier days on the sand. To paradise. We found a good one hard to find on the shelves. Other coconut milks had mysterious ingredients and a not a lot of coconut. So here we are. Despite how relaxed our coconut milk makes us, we do take our product very seriously and think we have come up with something that is good for you and doesn’t cost the environment.

It wasn’t easy. We spent two years trying to get it right. Developed in New Zealand and now being made in Australia. Proudly New Zealand owned. Worth noting, we aren’t a publicly traded coconut company. With a focus on top quality ingredients and sustainable sourcing, we have now launched and stocked, ready for you to enjoy.

20% Organic Coconut Cream

You read this correctly, 1/5 of this formula is organic coconut cream, making for delicious coconut milk.

All the good stuff

Certified organic coconut cream and sugar. Naturally, all our ingredients are sourced as sustainably as possible. 

Barista & Bowl Friendly 

Certified for your coffee & just as tasty in your bowl. Or drink it from the bottle, if that's your thing.

NZ Owned & Australian Made

A true trans Tasman alliance of good people who like coconuts.

Did we also mention, No Oils? And....

Vegan Friendly | Dairy Free, Soy Free | Gluten Free | NON GMO


Water, certified organic coconut cream (20%), organic raw sugar, vegetable gums (organic acacia, organic gellan), sunflower lecithin, sea salt. 

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